Your are the president of a dying country:

Full of debts, too much civil servant, huge administrative services, your country is an example of non-efficacity.

Fortunaly, mega-corporations have decided to *save* you by buying your debt under some conditions of course. As Mr Petelescouillax, CEO of Monsantox: "It is time to make money Mister President".

You don't know how to do ? Do not worry, mega-corporations have a lot of ideas to help you. For example,  why do you use your coslty civil workers to repair your highways when you can delegate this work to the efficient and *ecological* PetrolCorp ? Why should you make a costly civil space program when GoGol proposes its brand new shuttle spaceZ ? 

To sum up ands as everybody knows, The most civil servant you get, the worst it is. So get back to work now, *Mr President*. 

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