Get1000 is a logic puzzle game inspired by 2048 where the goal is to merge tiles to get 1000 at the center.

How to play ?
Simply drag the tiles with you mouse to merge them. 
Use the back button (bottom-right of the screen) if you made a mistake.

Four game modes are available:

  • Classic: Take your time to solve and reach 1000.
  • Speedrun: Reach 1000 as fast as you can on an unique grid to compare your time with the world!
  • Time attack: Reach 1000 in a limited time: Be smart, Be strategical and.. BE FAST!
  • Daily quests: each day, four quests are proposed to challenge your logic skills.

More features: 

  • A mistake ? Don't worry, the back button (bottom-right of the screen) is here for you.
  • Auto-save in classic and timeattack modes! * Compete with your friends : World highscores are available for each game mode (classic, speedrun, timeattack, and daily quests) 

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